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    Welcome to my web site.

    This site is dedicated to more than 25 years of research into my own ancestry. Although the majority of my early research focuses on my Bagwell ancestors from 18th Century Isle of Wight, and later generations in London and Surrey, it also encompasses information on countless related families across the nation.

    My research is arranged and presented on this site around a number of threads, which are explained below:

    I have traced my Bagwell ancestry back as far as is currently possible, to William BAGWELL born ca.1740 residing on the Isle of Wight. I have then sought to map all of William's descendants, starting with those bearing the Bagwell surname to the present day. Subsequent research covering the remaining descendants will follow in time.

    Because I am fortunate to have known my great grandparents, curiosity has caused me to follow each of their ancestries as far back as possible, using the same methodology, to Walter FLETCHER born ca. 1734 residing in Middlesex; William FORD born ca.1776 in Kent; and Solomon DEAN born ca.1715 in Middlesex.

    If you are new to my web site, please take time to visit my Methodology  page for useful information about the structure of my research.

    During the maiden years of my family research I gathered a lot of additional information regarding Bagwell families residing on the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and further afield. I also spent a year working on a one name study of the Bagwell name. Some of that information has been reproduced here on this site. See the Other Research page for more information.


    2017 was a busy year for me. In January I took over as Membership Secretary for the Isle of Wight Family History Society. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, in August I started a project to identify everyone of my generation, and to date have found most of my 3rd and 4th Cousins (those persons sharing the same 2x and 3x great grandfathers as myself). During 2018 the task becomes a little harder as I tackle my 31 known 4x ggf and 36 known 5x ggf.

    There has been no let up in 2018 and, since I took a DNA test earlier in the year, I have been busy following up on dozens of great new leads. Despite this,  I have found time to update some of my web content but, as a consequence of my DNA matches, my research focus is now on my early ancestors, and some of the ancillary content (including trees relating to descendant branches of my wider tree) has been removed. You can still access some of the old content via the Useful Reading page.

    Please enjoy the wealth of knowledge that I have to share.

    Dean Bagwell, September 2018


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